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​​​​​​2020-01-02: 2020 
Tide was shortlisted for the VIA Arts Prize 2019, it will be on display amongst selected artists at The Embassy of Brazil, in London. Exhibition runs from 13th November to the 12th December
2019-11-26: News 
This Saturday I will be performing at Chalton gallery at the event 'Water Inhabits The Stone' curated by Irruptive Chora​​​​​​​
2019-07-11: News 
- On the 29th I will be taking part on the Art at the Frontier of Film Theory symposium, at Birckbeck Institute of Moving Image with a presentation of my multimedia work >>> see more about the event here.
2019-07-24: News 
- I will be reading a few excerpts of 'The Avant-Garde of Presence' at LADA / part of the 20th Anniversary. Readings from the Pulpit starts at 7pm on the 6th June. 
2019-05-28: News 

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